Lake Union Conference

Youth/Young Adult Evangelism Support Requests




It is VERY IMPORTANT for you to READ the following information before you fill-out the LUC Evangelism-Fund Application Form that is on the Congress Website: 


1.  The LUC Youth Evangelism-Fund Application Form must be filled out by a LUC Youth Delegate between the ages 16 to 35 who's focus is to reach the local community through the local church.  (If the evangelistic initiative reaches and benefits people beyond  the local community - that is great!)


Example: A mission trip to the Caribbean would not qualify


2.   Must a copy of the church board minutes that approves a dollar-for-dollar match for LUC Youth Evangelism Funds be attached to the LUC Youth Evangelism-Fund Application Form? 


Answer:  Yes



3.  How will the LUC Youth Evangelism fund be distributed?


Answer:    On a first-apply-first-receive basis until all $16,000 is gone .



4.  How will the LUC Youth and Ministerial Departments know who applied for funds first?


Answer:  By the date posted on the snail-mail that will be sent to them.  



5     Will a $16,000 LUC Youth Evangelism Fund be available in 2014?


Answer:   Yes.  Beginning January 1, 2014.  LUC Young Adults from ages 16-35 can apply.



6.    Where do I mail the LUC Youth Evangelism Application Form and Church Board Meeting Minutes ?


Answer:    Center for Youth Evangelism.  Attention to Ron Whitehead!


Address:  4145 E Campus Circle Dr. Berrien Springs, MI 49104-1570



7.    How long will it take to know if my LUC Youth Evangelism-Fund Application form has been approved?


Answer:    Within 30 days after CYE receives the application form and the Church Board Meeting Minutes.



8.    How long will it take to get the approved LUC Youth Evangelism Fund sent to my conference office treasury department for my local church?


Answer:   Within 60 days after written approval has been sent to the Youth/Young Adult Delegate, Local Church Pastor, and the Conference Youth & Ministerial Directors.



9.    Who do I contact if I have questions about the LUC Youth Evangelism-Fund Application Form?


Answer:  Ron Whitehead



Phone:  269-208-1344


If God has called you to tell the world about Jesus and you would like support dollars, fill out the LUC Youth/Young Adult Evanglism Support Request Form and fax it to 269-471-8355.


Share the Good News


Please tell other youth and young adults how God blesses the funds you request by sending follow-up stories to the Lake Union Herald.